Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Who Is Marie Laveau?

Marie Laveau
This could not possibly be a blog about New Orleans Voodoo without the mention of Marie Laveau.  Who was Marie Laveau, you ask? Marie was perhaps the most renowned Queen of New Orleans Voodoo that ever existed.  She was born as Marie Catherine Laveau in 1794 in the French Quarter of New Orleans and died an old woman in 1881.  Respected and feared by all, she began her adult career, believe it or not, as a hairdresser and later, during the Yellow Fever epidemics, became a nurse.   She was very skilled in the practice of medicine and in the blending of herbs for their healing properties.  Extremely concerned about the soul, she would sit with the condemned in their last moments of life, sometimes even serving them their last meals.  She was the first commercial Voodoo Queen and she specialized in romance and finance.  Respected and feared by all, both white people and people of color went to her and she would use prayers, potions amulets, charms and herbs to keep harm from coming to them; to improve their finances and to attract the love they wanted, all with great success.  Her legacy of magic power still lives on.

Her tomb, which is located just one block away from the French Quarter (St. Louis Cemetary #1), is still visited by thousands of people yearly.  It is reputed to be the third most visited cemetery in the world, after those of President John F. Kennedy and Elvis Presley.  With hope in their hearts and in keeping with a long time tradition, visitors go to take offerings and place an XXX on the tombstone of Marie Laveau, in the hopes that this powerful priestess will grant them their wishes.

The Veve for Marie Laveau is:


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