Tuesday, November 11, 2014

About Negative Energy

Negative energy of any kind can throw a monkey wrench into anything you’re trying to accomplish with spell work.  That’s why it’s important to keep yourself positive through the whole experience.  It’s not always easy (especially if it takes a while for all your work to kick in and manifest the results you’re striving for).  Sometimes, though, there are circumstances and barriers you can’t avoid; sometimes negative energy is there, not from you but perhaps from a jealous ex who, by virtue of her angry thoughts towards your budding relationship, is sending negative energy your way.  A bitter and disagreeable family member (like his mother) could also do the same thing (negative energy can be sent your way just by a person’s negative thoughts and feelings about you; it sounds strange but it ‘s true).  Maybe there’s just a general air of negativity in your household, something that will tend to stunt anything you’re trying to accomplish.  There is an effective solution, believe me.  It’s called a Hex Removal Spell (you’ll find the best one at spellmaker.com).  It’s a nine day spell that works like a spiritual stick of dynamite when it comes to getting rid of negative energy.  I used it and was amazed!  In fact, probably about 2-3 days into the spell, I actually heard the negativity exiting my house.  I was in my bedroom reading late at night when I heard a wail like the sound of a banshee.  Out in in the main area of the house, I heard a scurrying sound like someone or something running down the stairs to exit the house.  When the sound ceased, I took a walk out into the living room to see if anything visible was there but there was nothing. The family that lived downstairs from my apartment even commented the next day by asking me who had been running quickly down the stairs the night before.  Of course, I acted as though I hadn’t heard anything and dismissed it, going on to talk about other things. I always sleep with my bedroom door closed.  My cats who had been crying just outside the door for weeks prior to using the Hex Removal spell were suddenly at peace.  That’s when I knew the negativity was gone from my house. The Hex Removal spell kit cleared the air and caused my spell work to flow more smoothly afterwards.  If you’re sensing some bad energy, bad energy that’s not just coming from your frustration and anxiety because results don’t seem to be happening quickly enough, the Hex Removal spell is definitely the way to go.

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