Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Hex Removal Ritual

When using spell work to manifest what you want, it is crucial that you maintain a positive frame of mind, even when it seems like what you’re vying for is taking a long time.  Negative energy of any kind will throw a monkey wrench into the effectiveness of whatever it is you’re striving for.  Now even if you are doing your best, your very best to keep yourself upbeat and positive, there are forces beyond your control that can drag your spirits down.  If you happen to be empathic, for instance, (being empathic means you pick up on and feel the negative emotions of others), it’s inevitable that negative energy will find you.  If someone dislikes you intensely, their hate can affect you and then there is always the possibility that someone is using negative spell work against you.  So what is one to do?  Well, ancient as well as current voodoo priests have always seen the egg as a powerfully magical tool that can be used to combat evil, bad luck and negative energies.  The egg really does work like a charm to chase those negative energies away in short order.  Here’s what to do:

1.    Purchase a brown egg before noon of the day that you plan to start this ritual.  It is of the essence that the egg be fresh.

2.    Place this egg in a brown paper bag, twist the top of the bag and secure it by tying a piece of black cloth, black yarn or black string around it and then place the bag under your bed.

3.    Each night just before turning into bed for the evening, take the bag from under your bed, open the bag, remove the egg and rub it over every part of your body while repeatedly saying “enter the egg”.

4.    When you’ve completed step three, place the egg back into the bag and blow three times into the bag (all the while imagining that all bad luck, negative energies and/or entities are leaving your body via your breath).

5.    Do this for nine days and after the ninth day, take the bag and dispose of it (with the egg inside) at a location away from your home.  This is a very effective way to rid yourself of negative energy.

Take note:  Each time you’ve placed the egg back into the bag and blown into the bag three times, make sure to tie the top of the bag back up again.  If by the end of 7 days you happen to notice the bag is moving on its own, stop and dispose of the bag with the egg in it right away.  Do not open the bag. Do not look into the bag, do not untie the bag, just dispose of it immediately.

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