Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Audio Signs? Fear?

As you now know from my past posts, there are all kinds of signs you can get from the LWA to let you know they’re hard at work on your case.  Sometimes, as was the case with me, the spell caster will get signs that are audible.  Let me give you an example of what happened to me.  Shortly after starting my very first love spell kit (from spellmaker.com), I was sitting at my altar and was about 20 minutes into the session when I suddenly heard  the distinct yet vague sound of distant African drums and chanting.  I knew it wasn’t coming from inside my house, nor were there any sounds outside my house. It was a quiet, peaceful evening. My room was lightened only by the glow of the candles on the altar. Needless to say, I got panicked in a very big way; even afraid to turn and look to see if something or someone was behind me.  I finished the session, covered up my altar and headed back downstairs, still a bit shaken.  After getting my second wind, I emailed a Voodoo Queen who I had become acquainted with and told her what had happened and of how it had frightened me.  Her response came quickly.  She informed me that the LWA were there, letting me know that they were listening to my petition.  She also told me to never be afraid of any audio signs (or any kinds of signs, in fact) because the LWA are compassionate, benevolent spirits who are there to help (she was so right).  They do not hurt people, only help.  She stressed that the sounds I heard were a grand and blatant sign of their presence, something they don’t offer to many people.  So, my friends, should you have an experience like this, please don’t be afraid.  Instead, feel honored that the LWA decided to make their presence known to you; decided to let you know they are listening and ready to help you with whatever it is you're petitioning for. 

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