Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Importance of Adjunct Work

Ok, so your spell kits are completed but you're getting frustrated because your heart's desire (HD) is running hot and cold?  One day they're all loving and attentive and wonderful, then the tide turns and you find them backing away, you find yourself waiting and longing and wondering why they're not contacting you.  Should you spend your time bemoaning the fact that they're not there?  Should you lose hope?  Should you contact them and ask why they're not getting in touch (better known as confrontation).  Or should you just throw your arms up in total disgust and resignation and go to sleep crying your eyes out?  The answer is no to all of the above.

Your adjunct work plays a huge part in moving things along.  Some of the adjunct work includes the love doll, the red mummy candle and the white/pink image candles.  These are powerful tools you can use to keep your HD thinking about you, longing for you and unafraid of the surge of overwhelming emotions he or she feels or she is being hit with (all the affects of your spell work, by the way).  My favorite has always been the Famous Red Mummy Candle because it kept thoughts of me on his mind all the time (especially during those agonizing lapses that occur when the target is processing the spell work).  The important thing to keep in mind is that your sessions with the love doll and red mummy candle have a residual affect.  The more steadily and faithfully you use them, the more powerful the effects of them are.  In other words, if you have a session once a week when your HD is lapsing, it will not be as effective as having a session once or twice a day every day.  Having a session every day, keeps you in their thoughts and hearts even while they are lapsing.  The White Image Candles help to soothe their fears and feelings of being overwhelmed with the strong emotions they feel.  So, instead of bemoaning the loss of your HD's company during the lapses, pull out the adjunct work and use it every day.  In time, the difference you will begin to see will be like the difference between day and night!

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